In addition to being an environmentalist, I also enjoy creating art. It wasn't until a few years ago I fully understood what an artist actually is. An artist to me is someone that creates from somewhere inside them. There is no right or wrong art, there is simply art. When I understood and accepted this, I started creating. In this sense, a gardener is a natural artist. 

I stopped by my parent's house yesterday and to my surprise I saw this hanging in their living room. I screenprinted this on a piece of reclaimed wood for my father's birthday in February. I thought he would he would display this in his screen room but he decided to drill a bolt into his redone wall and display this above his television. I may be bias but it looks really nice in their newly redone living room. 

We all look for something in our lives that inspire us. For me, that something is nature in what otherwise seems to be urban chaos.