The new age of farming is more than the historical idea farming hectares of land in hopes for a cash payoff at the end of the season. The new age farmer has to be resourceful in how they create their farm. We are no longer confined to growing our crops in the normal idea of farmer, however, we are free to explore many options to producing food for our family.

Square foot farming offers many advantages that we never had on the historic farm. Not only does having a square foot farming creates local urban food, it also benefits the environment. By using rain barrels we can use our rain rather than directing that water downstream. We can plant vegetables and herbs in areas that would otherwise be overlooked as a crumbling city. 
Local food production is essential for food production in the future. With the world population increasing at a rapid rate and the depleting of our natural resources we must take responsibility to grow food locally. The New Age Farmer is not only a local food producer, they are the new generation of environmentalists. 
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