Did you know that earthworm populations consume two tons of dry matter/acre/year, partly digesting and mixing it to form healthy soil. Total earthworm populations in no-tilled gardens on average are twice that of tilled gardens. Tillage creates a more diverse environment for these little animals. Tillage creates a greater fluctuation of day to night temperature and also brings earthworms towards the surface where they are subject to predators such as birds or fishermen.

Earthworms are incredible burrowers; maybe one of the best burrowers. This burrowing activity improves water infiltration and soil aeration thus causing a better environment for everyone.  



10/05/2016 3:39am

Earthworms are really good for soil because they make underground pass for water and air.

10/05/2016 3:40am

Do you know about the size of Chernobyl worms and effect of radiation on them? It is amazing!

10/05/2016 3:42am

earthworms are incredible animals if you split it then you will get a two alive individuals!

10/14/2016 6:59am

Earthworms are the little creations of nature which often been the lunch of birds or other insects. They consume a lot of population though they are eaten in immense rate that is really strange.

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